Frank Haus Design is a creative brand management and marketing studio for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our streamlined, comprehensive client experience is as memorable as our result-driven designs. We blend our professional education and Fortune 500 corporate experience to benefit small business clients who deserve the same attention and high-level strategy.



We create memorable
brands that are



Design must be crafted with a high-level strategy to become truly memorable. We are in the business of creating remarkable brand identities and designs that will grow with you as you scale your business. 


Attention to detail goes a long way. As we create your refreshed brand identity, every design decision will be made with purpose and intentionality so you and your customers know the “why” behind your visuals.


The quality of your design speaks to the quality of the customer experience you provide. We don’t believe in cutting corners. Instead, we create high-end brand identities throughout our comprehensive client process.


Consistency in design builds trust and brand loyalty with your customers. When you collaborate with us on your rebrand, you can rest easy knowing your visual assets will all have a cohesive look.




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At Frank Haus Design, we believe your brand persona encompasses more than a logo. It’s how your customers perceive your business and what sets you apart from the noise.

We specialize in defining your brand persona and translating your story, resulting in a uniquely designed visual brand identity that is as strategic as it is beautiful.

Through our unparalleled brand design process, we collaborate with clients to help them define their organization’s goals, deeply understand their audience’s motivations, and create a visual brand that emotionally connects with their ideal clients.




Creative Director and Lead Brand Designer at Frank Haus Design

I believe impactful businesses deserve design solutions that are crafted from the same place of intentionality and integrity. After working as a professional designer for over seven years in the corporate world with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications, I began looking for more opportunities to develop and nurture meaningful brands with powerful missions.

This search led me to start my own boutique brand management and creative marketing studio, Frank Haus Design. As an experienced creative director and brand designer, I partner with clients to create holistic brands with your goals, values, mission, and audience in mind.

If I’m not designing in my studio or meeting for a strategy session with a client, you can usually find me binge watching Netflix with my husband and Jack Russells, Buddy and Ace, or window shopping interior design inspiration for my next project around my home.

Design should tell the story of your brand. 
I can’t wait to help you tell yours.

Virtual Creative Director + Branding Expert that creates purposeful design to help you visually communicate your world-changing marketing message.



The competitor and brand identity analysis from Frank Haus Design was completely awesome - simple and definitely on point with a great set of steps to take.
— Jeff Hotz, TESTCo

[FHD] wanted to know who I was, my personality, what I liked, and what was important to me, and you listened! What you invest in with Frank Haus Design will definitely give you a return on your investment!
— Teresa Crawford, Let's Go Buy A Car

LOVE IT....Five star service again!
— Krish Mangaroo, KrishMangaroo.com


What's in a name?



our owners' surname representing their shared German descent, or, as an adjective meaning: open, honest, sincere.

Some of our top values in life + business.


the German translation for house.

We enjoy welcoming family + friends into our our home, which is the launching location + hub for our business.




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